The Campus Ministry is about developing a dynamic relationship with God while experiencing the adventures of college.  Our campus ministry group is about imitating Christ while being pursuing your dreams in an educational environment.  A relationship with God and his family believers is meant to help our students devote themselves to God and enhancing the college experience with a dynamic group of student believers in an atmosphere of family, fun and worship.

The Campus Ministry meets every week to have spiritual devotionals, fun activities, and campus events.  The Campus Miinstry supports two college campuses: Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah.  Each week we have bible talk groups during the day to refresh our campus disciples. Come join us for us for a 20 to 30-minute bible discussion and an exciting opportunity to meet new people.

Contact the following individuals for exact meeting locations and other events happening throughout the week!

Contact Information
Luke Dorlac     (970) 576-6972
Brittany Dorlac (505) 362-6998



Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to point up, point in, and point out!


Discovery how you can connect with a ministry that would best meet your spiritual on "ministries" link to learn more about our family of believers.