Teens / Youth Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to build up our young men and women spiritually, emotionally and socially. We do this through classes which are held Sunday mornings, at the same time as the church service. Instruction is given by strong disciples of Christ in a way that the pre-teens and teens enjoy learning about spiritual truths that are pertinent to their lives. We accomplish this through Bible study, songs, acting, art projects, stories, and older students sharing from their experiences. Often we see the same teachers volunteer for the classes each session, which gives the children a sense of continuity.

Another way we inspire our children is through fun monthly events hosted by parent volunteers. Through these events, the teens are able to build closer friendships outside the classroom environment. Most of the events are held on weekends and often include the whole family.

 Our teens are entering a stage of life where the world will be pulling at their innocence. We take this seriously, and want our preteens and teens to have the tools and relationships to navigate the teen years with success. Our ultimate goal is to have our children with us in Heaven. Our Lord Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." NIV Matt 19:14



Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to point up, point in, and point out!


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